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Manfred Diers (Website) says:
Hello Marv, I'm interested in more information about Friedrich Rodiek married with Helene Anna G. Hayssen. I collected the Rodiek-lines, because they all had their roots from one farm in Kirchkimmen/Ganderkesee. To find the link from Friedrich, I need to know his exactly birthdate or the town he was born or his other first names. Is it possible to get the marriage-sentence (5.6.1923), this will content the data. Where did they marry? Greetings from Oldenburg Manfred Diers
Posted on Aug 24, 2007

Joyce (Website) says:
As a CURL I am always interested in that surname. Most of this family are Hoosiers.
Posted on Jul 31, 2007

Gail Hayssen (Website) says:
It was very interesting to see this sight come up. I would like to add that Arthur Herman Hayssen son of William Arthur Hayssen was married to Gail Hayssen from 1975-1995 and they have a daughter Nancy Hayssen born 1977 and named after her grandmother Nancy Garton Hayssen. We are a very close family.Please feel free to e mail me for any more information.
Posted on Jul 12, 2007

Zdeena Hayssen says:
My cousin directed me to your website. I really enjoyed getting to learn more about our family. I just wanted to inform you of some errors about my family that you have listed. My name is Zdeena Maya Hayssen not Eena Cheney. My father's name was Pramod Kumar, he passed away in 1982. My mother, Mary Hayssen never married him, so I was given her last name. My mother married Bruce Cheney in 1983. Bruce has a daughter named Angelina Cheney from a previous marriage. She is my stepsister. Our parents divorced in 1990, but we are all still a very close family. I also noticed you do not have any information about my uncle, Arthur Hayssen. He has a daughter, Nancy Hayssen. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.
Posted on Jul 10, 2007

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