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Patty says:
You only list one child for Frieda and John Eimermann. They had six sons, not just one. All had children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. If you would like more information, please e-mail me for more info. My dad is the youngest of the boys. John being the oldest. Harold being second oldest. More in the middle. I would also like to know the connection of your family with the Eimermann's. Thank you.
Posted on Jan 11, 2008

Connie Kretschmer says:
In looking for information on my mothers family, I was surprised to see us listed here-- however, Lawrence Vant & Shirly Bartenbach(my parents) had 5 children-Cynthia, Loren ,Kenneth & Carol--& me. Also Shirley is deceased as of 2002.Curious how you found out so much-
Posted on Oct 18, 2007

eike onnen-lübben says:
Hello. I`ve just read your website and I was very suprised that me and my family have relatives in the US. Would you please explain me how did this family relations developed? Your sincerely Eike F. Onnen-Lübben
Posted on Sep 28, 2007

Christy Fregien says:
My husband and I stumbled upon this website by accident and I was surprised to see my name. Just curious...who are you, and how did you find this information? I also have one correction. I am the former Christine Catherine Schmid...Catherine is with a C, not a K. Also, in addition to our son Riley, we have a daughter, Abby. Thanks for the interesting reading.
Posted on Sep 05, 2007

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