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Kristine Crane says:
Zdeena: I am wondering if you know if your relation Mary ran a commune in the 1970s with the Angels of Light in San Francisco. I am a journalist, fact-checking someone's article that refers to a "Mary Hayssen" in this regard. Is it the same person, do you know, or might it be possible to contact Mary? Thanks, Kristine Crane
Posted on Dec 10, 2008

Stephan Lieftüchter says:
Ich habe ebenfalls während der Ahnenforschung meinen Namen hier gefunden.... Mal sehn ob was draus wird!?
Posted on Oct 29, 2008

Darcie Henriott says:
Oops, I hit the wrong button. I was just searching and came across the website and was wondering how my father's Raatz) family is connected and how you found out so much. There are a few changes.
Posted on Sep 30, 2008

Dirk von Grolman (Website) says:
Hab hier meinen Namen gesehen deshalb mußte ich auf dieser homepage kurz verweilen und komme bald wieder.
Posted on Jul 15, 2008

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