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Marie Mohr says:
Marv, This is great and you have done a marvelous job.
Posted on Feb 13, 2006

Renee says:
Hi dad, this is a very nice website. i have one suggestion...take out the picture of Sparky and maybe put in some pictures of your family!! Haha otherwise, keep up the great work
Posted on Oct 18, 2005

Steven Gallimore says:
Marv, I am very impressed with my first viewing. It's cool that you have taken it upon yourself to create a unique web site. I look forward to contributing what I can. Will stuff from the old be available on here? *** reply from Marv - Hi Steve, thanks and yes, I plan to move over any posted material that members would like from the old site. As always new contributions are always welcome. ***
Posted on Sep 08, 2005

Garry Plate says:
Hi Marv, I came I saw I went see ya
Posted on Nov 15, 2004

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