The Hayssen Family Tree


Edith Kretschmer [Parents].


Alma Kretschmer [Parents].


Betty Kretschmer [Parents].

Ernest Ziemke [Parents].


Dennis Ziemke [Parents].


Todd Mumford.

Patricia Ziemke [Parents].

Rueben E Parkhill. Rueben married Sophia Schultz on 18 Jan 1882.

Sophia Schultz [Parents] was born on 06 Sep 1864. Sophia married Rueben E Parkhill on 18 Jan 1882.

Richard Duba [Parents].

Mary Van Dyke.

Earl Douglas Humphries was born in 1917. He died in 1963. He was buried in Roxboro, NC. Earl married Loma Vernel O'Brien in 1939 in Roxboro, NC?.

Loma Vernel O'Brien.

They had the following children.

  M i Ray Edward Humphries.
  F ii Gayle Elaine Humphries.
  F iii Rebecca Jean Humphries.

Ray Edward Humphries [Parents].

Linda Graves.

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